1984 Bombardier Iltis

Price: 6500, KM: 45000, Type: Other Other, Assembling Year: 1984, Transmission System: Manual,
I have a 1984 Bombardier iltis for sale. I have swapped the VW 1.7 gas engine with a VW 1.9 turbo diesel. I’ve replaced the timing belt, timing belt tensioner, water pump and alternator belt. There is also a new exhaust pipe from the front to the rear. While the engine was being swapped, I installed a front locking differential, which is operated on the same lever as the 4WD. There is also a set of brand new batteries. No holes anywhere in the body/frame. Lots of new parts! 6500 O.B.O. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/annapolis-valley/1984-bombardier-iltis/1212354848

1984 Bombardier Iltis Nova Scotia

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