Brand New Light Bars

Selling Price: , Assembling Year: 2017, Transmission Technology: null, Seller Location: Alberta, Kilometers: 1, Type: Dodge Other,
I have some brand new light bars for sale. All of them have mounts but no harness. The 40″ is $250 shipped anywhere in Alberta, Sask, or BC (can work a deal out depending on shipping distance) 30″ is 190 shipped anywhere. These are super bright and a tuff bar. People love the ones they bought from me! 40″ mounts up very easy in f150, newer chevys, and dodge grilles. 30″ mounts very easy in 2000s Chevy or gmc grille.

Brand New Light Bars Alberta

Really want to buy Brand New Light Bars? Ask the owner and check car condition before pay for products.