2005 Honda Element SUV Crossover

Selling Price: 20, Car Brand: Honda Element, Seller Location: Ontario, Car Year: 2005, Transmission System: null, Kilometers: 1234,
CUSTOM Element on an Element Window Decal This is whats left from the original run of these. Professional grade, custom white, window decal – sized to fit right over top of your existing “REALTIME AWD” decal. (or wherever you’d like to put it). I designed and produced a limited quantity of these decals. I may do another run, but I’ve misplaced the original artwork at the moment. If I can find it, I will do another small run, if not, these will be the only ones in existence. I’ve had many happy customers from near and far and I hope to have six more… eMail me for purchasing instructions. Thank you in advance. (the images are of my Element, the decal was put on in 2010) http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cars-trucks/city-of-toronto/2005-honda-element-suv-crossover/1108008726

2005 Honda Element SUV Crossover Ontario

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